ThermiSmooth at Acadia Women's Health

About ThermiSmooth® Treatments

ThermiSmooth® uses gentle heat via a temperature controlled hand piece, to stimulates collagen which in turn smooths fine lines and wrinkles in addition to tightening loose skin.

It is a non-invasive solution that delivers amazing results without surgery and no downtime, that can be used to treat the following areas:

ThermiSmooth® Body
•Inner and outer thighs

ThermiSmooth® Face


  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Breasts
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles
Thermismooth Body Treatments Thermismooth Eyes After

Most treatment areas require roughly 30 minutes per service, however, larger areas such as the thighs and abdomen may require between 40-60 minutes per session.

4-6 treatments are generally recommended for optimal results at intervals between every 1-3 weeks.

ThermiSmooth® Before and After Photos

Forehead • Cheeks • Eyes • Mouth • Neck

Thermismooth Eyes After Thermismooth Eyes Before
Post 2 Years
Thermismooth Lip Lines Before Thermismooth Lip Lines After
Post 3 Weeks
Thermismooth Eye Lines Before Thermismooth Eyes After
Post 3 Months
Thermismooth Eyes Before Thermismooth Eyes After
Post 1 Month
Before Thermismooth Eyes After Thermismooth Eyes
Post 1 Month

Abdomen • Flanks • Back

Thermismooth Abdomen Before Thermismooth Abdomen After
Post 1 Month
Thermismooth Before AbsThermismooth Abs After
Post 10 Months

Hips • Buttocks • Thighs

Before Thermismooth Legs After Thermismooth Legs
Post 3 Month
Thermismooth Legs Before Thermismooth Legs After
Post 1 Month

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