Liposuction is a surgical technique used to remove excess fat located between the skin and muscle. Localized accumulations of fat, which are often hereditary and resistant to diet and exercise, can now be permanently removed via this procedure.

Liposuction involves inserting a small stainless steel tube through tiny skin incisions and connecting it to a suction pump. The pump assists the doctor in removing the fat by creating tiny tunnels through the fatty layers. After surgery, these tiny tunnels collapse resulting in an improved body contour.


At Acadia Women’s Health we have our very own accredited operating rooms and short-term patient recovery rooms. This provides our patients with the convenience of going through their entire surgical lifecycle (consult to final post-op check-ups) here at our clinic.

We use Tumescent anesthesia during these procedures. It is a form of local anesthesia, which has proved beneficial at minimizing patient recovery and making the procedure more affordable. We use it to perform breast augmentations and mini tummy tucks as well.

We believe that performing liposuction with a local Tumescent Anesthesia:
•Is the safest way to remove large amounts of fat with minimal blood loss
•Less painful
•Lessens the post operative recovery time
•Produces optimal cosmetic results

We offer other anesthesia options as well. If you would like to discuss this, ask your surgeon during your FREE consultation.




Either Dr. John Gonzalez or Dr. Michelle Owens, who have over 50 years of combined experience, perform the liposuction surgeries for Acadia Women's Health. If you would like to learn more about our surgeons click here.

Lipo Vs Tummy Tuck

Patient Testimonial

Tickle Lipo Procedures
"It took many years to get the nerve to get liposuction. So glad I did! My self-esteem is so much better. The staff at the facility were so warm and inviting. Dr. Gonzalez is a doctor who explains the procedure thoroughly and listens to his patient. Again, thank you for making this transformation a stress free experience for me. I will be back."

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