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What Is ThermiTight®

ThermiTight® is the first aesthetic procedure which delivers controlled radiofrequency energy under the skin to reverse the effects of aging. The RF energy heats tissue via a small probe, causing the tissue to contract and shrink.

Who Can Benefit From ThermiTight®

ThermiTight® is great for anyone who has mild to moderate loose skin problem areas on their face, neck, stomach, arms, thighs and other tissues (i.e. bra fat, love handles).

It is ideal for patients who want more results than non-invasive procedures can deliver, but DO NOT want or need to undergo major surgery.

ThermiTight® Procedure Details

•The procedure is generally completed within 1 hour using local anesthesia.
•A tiny probe is inserted under the skin. Then, radiofrequency energy is applied directly to the target tissues causing immediate shrinkage. (Results are immediate and actually improve over time.)
•Patients may experience swelling and redness, but are usually able to return to normal activities within 24 hours.

ThermiTight® Before and After Photos

ThermiTight Female Patient Before and After
Thermitight Patient Before and After

ThermiTight® Consult

If you have questions about ThermiTight®, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you at your initial Free consult.

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