Breast Reduction

In some cases, large breasts can cause severe back pain, neck pain, and shoulder painlimiting women from enjoying daily activities, fitting into their clothing properly, and feeling confident about their bodies.

Removing excessive glandular tissue and skin to achieve a much more natural proportion breast size for women who have large breasts is known as a breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty.

Below are some renderings of the process that generally occurs during a surgical breast reduction.

Benefits Of A Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can dramatically improve the shape, appearance, and size of a woman’s breast. It can increase a woman’s confidence, decrease neck and back pain, and improve a patient’s posture.

Ideal Breast Reduction Candidates

An ideal candidate for a breast reduction is someone in good health with a normal weight for their height, who is also a non-smoker. (Smoking can result in tissue destruction and prevent the operated area from healing properly.)

Breast Reduction Procedure & Recovery

The specific techniques used to reduce the size of your breasts can vary. These procedures might include:

•Surgery through incisions
•Liposuction to remove the excess fat in your breasts.

Due to constant advances in liposuction, we can now achieve a 1-3 cup size reduction in each breast without the cuts and scarring of a traditional breast reduction. (Since the female breast is composed of at least 50% fat, our physicians can reduce the size of each breast by performing liposuction through a small incision.)

Recovery from a breast reduction will depend upon the patient, but we recommend to anyone having this surgery, that they avoid strenuous exercise and activity for the first 3-4 weeks following their surgery.

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