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Dr. John Gonzalez and Dr. Michelle Owens began performing cosmetic surgery in 2006 to help their patients regain their confidence and help them achieve the bodies they have always dreamt of. That one endeavor which started to better suit their patients need has grown with Acadia Women's Health now one of Louisiana's premier medical centers for women with thousands of cosmetic procedures performed by our physicians.

In 2017 Acadia Women's Health doubled down on its commitment to bringing world class health care to the women of Louisiana by breaking ground on their new 13,700 square foot facility. This facility not only allowed Acadia Women's Health to accommodate more patients comfortably but also allowed for the addition of our Med Spa and primary care services for women. In our new facility we have not one but two accredited surgical suites. What does this mean for you? Having our surgical suites on-site open up a world of convenience for our patients. From not having to go through the hospital pre-admission to the level of privacy and comfort, our focus is on you and ensuring you have the best possible experience and outcome.

Does this sound like you? My clothes don’t fit, my breasts don’t look like they used to, no matter how much weight I lose I can’t seem to lose my tummy roll, I hate the loose skin under my neck and my double chin. If So, then please fill out the form above so that one of our trusted team members can get in touch with you and set you up with a FREE no obligation consultation with Dr. Gonzalez or Dr. Owens to discuss how we can help you. Cosmetic Surgery procedures and options have expanded dramatically over the years. You will be amazed at how many new non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures are available for women like you. These options are more affordable than what you think. So schedule your FREE no obligation consultation with Dr. Gonzalez or Dr. Owens to see just how affordable these options are and stop putting off a better more confident you!



We all desire to look and feel our best…hormones are vital for both of these desires. Hormones are necessary for normal body functions.  As women and men age past 35 years, their sexual hormones decline rapidly and many start feeling a loss of vitality emotionally and sexually, which can be very stressful and damaging to relationships.

Symptoms Include:
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Decreased Libido
  • Hot Flushes
  • Insomnia

So you ask why bioidentical?

A bioidentical hormone actually mimics a woman’s hormones in the same fashion that her ovarian release of hormones did.  Symptoms are alleviated much better.

So Why a Pellet Form Versus Creams?

This question is very popular among bioidentical hormone users.  The answer is simple…we take the guess work out for you…the success is no longer user dependent.   The pellet is simply implanted under the skin in the fatty tissue of a woman’s hips and then the hormone is released in a steady state, 24 hours a day…no more mess and no more ups and downs.

If you are tired of feeling lack of energy, brain fog, loss of zeal in the bedroom, poor sleep habits and hot flushes, you no longer have to…call our office today for an appointment. (337) 785-2006.



At the request from many of our patients looking for a safe and trustworthy location in Acadia to have their medical spa needs fulfilled, Acadia Women's Health launched our Medical Spa offering some of the most requested procedures. Some of these services include:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplaning
  • Chemical Peel
  • Microblading
  • Deep Pore Detox
  • Waxing
  • HydraFacial
  • Skin Pen

Along with with the procedures offered by our Aesthetician, Acadia Women's Health worked with leading dermatologists in California to put together a skincare product line to tackle many of the issues we face in Southwest Louisiana. Many of our patients have tried other leading brands and have continually told us how much better The Real OG products make them feel and look. If you haven't had a consultation at our medical spa, you need to come in for your free consultation right away!



Gynecology and women's health sits at the core of Acadia Women's Health. It is in our name and it always on our mind. We want all females in Acadiana and beyond to be happy and healthy. Whether it be a gynecological issue or other illness, we want to be here for you. Dr. John Gonzalez as well as Dr. Michelle Owens are in the forefront of the most cutting edge and minimally invasive procedures in the market today. Procedures that used to require hospital admissions can now be done outpatient with no big incisions. What that means for our patients is less down time, less pain, little to no scars, more positive outcomes!

In 2014 Dr. Gonzalez was one of the first urogynecologists in the state and the first in the Acadiana area. He has an expertise in treating incontinence and prolapse issues in women. These are issues many women face but are unfamiliar with treatment options available that have little to no down time.

Our entire team of doctors and nurse practitioners are here to assist you through your journey in life. Whether is be child and teen gynecology all the way through menopause and incontinence issues, we have the expertise to ensure every step through womanhood is happy and healthy!