Teen Health Visits

Teen Gynecological Health Issues

Has your daughter missed school because of her menses? Is she complaining of stomach cramps? Does she experience frequent migraines around her cycle? If so, there may be a simple solution that our providers can come up with to alleviate these problems.

Teen Body Education

Many teenagers don’t know what is happening to their changing body, and it is important for them to be well educated in order to make informed decisions. If you are uncomfortable with having certain conversations with your daughter that pertain to her body, but also understand that they are necessary–the providers at Acadia Women’s Health can help you with this.

Additional Teen Health Services

We provide many services for teenage girls, including school physical exams and Gardisil vaccinations (this vaccine can prevent most cases of cervical cancer if given before a girl or woman is exposed to the virus).

Ready to schedule your teen a visit?

At Acadia Women's Health, teen health, and serving the children of Acadia is a priority of ours.  We understand that it is important to have a positive first interaction during these types of visits, and we are here to provide a caring environment for your child.

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