Feminine Rejuvenation O-Shot


The "O" Shot

The Orgasm “O” Shot, is a non-surgical injection treatment that uses your own blood to rejuvenate your vagina. Patients report stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased lubrication, and greater arousal after having the procedure.

What to Expect During Your O-Shot Procedure

• A numbing cream is applied to your clitoris, labia, and/or G-spot.
• We will draw your blood and spin it down.
• We will inject a local anesthetic to your clitoris, labia and/or G-spot.
• We will then inject your spun down blood into your clitoris, labia and/or G-spot.
• In all, the entire procedure should take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Discomfort & Recovery

Most patients when asked to rate pain between a 0 and 10 the discomfort is never more than a 2 (with 10 being the worst pain). You may experience a small amount of local sensitivity for a day or two. Some patients have even reported having intercourse the same day as treatment.

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