Gentle Daily Cleanser

Gentle, sulfate free
revitalizing cleanser removes makeup, oil and impurities, while conditioning
and soothing sensitive skin with rich botanical extracts. Pearlized daily
cleanser contains a rich, anti-aging peptide complex with 11 botanical
essential oils and extracts to cleanse, condition, invigorate and revitalize
sensitive skin leaving it soft, smooth and supple.


  • Cleanses, conditions and invigorates sensitive skin leaving it soft, smooth and visibly youngerlooking.
  • Hydrates skin with essential anti-aging nutrients including Vitamins C and E.
  • Protects the skin’s natural barrier through light lathering, preventing it from being overly dry.
  • Cleanses dirt andimpurities without irritation.


527 Odd Fellows Road STE B
Crowley, LA 70526
(337) 514-4369