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Dr. Michelle Owens

Have you ever thought about why we urinate? Urine is a buildup of toxins in our body which can make us sick. Urination is very important because it gets rid of the waste from our blood by emptying the bladder. In order to urinate, the brain sends out signals to the bladder which holds the urine and onto the sphincters which control the release of urine and feces. When we pee the sphincters loosen, so the urine can pass down the bladder and pushes the urine out through the tubes called urethra. As we get older, bladder control problems become more common.

How do I know if I have lower urinary tract problems?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s likely possible that you have Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms(LUTS). Your doctor may suggest urodynamic tests to know whether the bladder is having involuntary contractions and to see how well the bladder can hold urine and empty fully.

·        Repeated urinary tract infections- UTIs reoccur often.

·        Incontinence - Urine leaks/involuntary urine loss.

·        Retention - Difficulty in entirely emptying the bladder.

·        Frequent urination - Forced to urinate after urinating.

·        Weak urine flow - Slow urinary stream.

·        Intermittent urine flow - Stream freezes and restarts again.

·        Inability to hold urine - You feel the need to suddenly pee all the time.

What are its causes?

·        Urinary tract infection (UTI)

·        Kidney infection

·        Other medical conditions - such as diabetes,stroke, brain, and nervous system disorders

·        Pregnancy and Vaginal childbirth

What are the urodynamic tests I can take?

Your doctor will decide what type of urodynamic test should be performed based on the urine flow it takes overtime, the amount of urine collected and capability and incapability to suspend the urine flow in midstream.

·        Uroflowmetry

·        Postvoid residual measurement

·        Cystometric Test

·        Leak Point Pressure Measurement

·        Electromyography

·        Video Urodynamic Tests


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