Is Breast Augmentation Right For Me?
Written by
Dr. John Gonzalez

It’s no secret that women want to feel and look younger, especially after child birth, losing or gaining weight or life events that cause premature aging.  It’s no surprise that the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States is breast augmentation.   Are you unhappy with your breasts?  You’re not alone.  Life can take a toll on your body, but there are procedures to help reverse the damage and get you back to the body you want.

How do I know which implant is right for me?

Breast augmentation surgery in itself is a big decision.  You also will need to decide on the type of implant as well as the size.  Both will affect how you look and feel after the surgery, so it is important to discuss your options with your surgeon.  Do your research and take advantage of before and after photos of women with your similar body measurements.   It may be appealing to get a DD or DDD, but it’s not always necessary to get to that size in order to achieve the look you desire.

Interested in adding a breast lift to your augmentation?

If you have had children, lost or gained weight and feel your breasts could use a lift, the result from a breast lift will be perkier breasts that that lifted and any excess skin eliminated.  Combining a breast augmentation and a lift are a great way to get the most from your surgery.

If you aren’t happy with the way your breasts look, whether they sag, are uneven, misshapen, or too small, don’t accept the way they look.  Make a change today.

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